China 100% Steel Gym Weight Stacks Manufacturer

China 100% Steel Gym Weight Stacks Manufacturer

Model No.︰RDWS-12

Brand Name︰Rapid

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

 It is easy to realize this is a very good and latest design of stacks of gym weight equipment plates ,as most of the customers said ,it was amazing design based on good quality . yes , we designed it because one of our customers who wanted to ask for a attractive design for new discussion with their buyers .we helped him did it . then there was a 100tons big order in the coming next five months . that was unforgotable .

  That friend visited us with a simple design which already was a complicated item for them because they only had 2years business experience in gym , after one hour discussion ,they thought our suggestion was really experient on designing and then they visited our production lines giving us a long way of praise.

It was a great deal .

30years production experience of weight stack as everybody knows in China  ,most of our customers gave us good feedback which is the biggest positive answer how we do . we have enough molding to control the tolerance which helps us to keep a exact sizes without giving a tolerance issue, the biggest point for a buyer I think is to look for a realiable supplier to be a supporter behind forever.


Payment Terms︰ T/T ,Western Union or Paypal

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Fitness parts, fitness pulleys for gym equipments Aluminmum Pulleys For Strength Machines Item no. : RDXA4302 Diameter : 88*21 mm